Friday, May 28, 2004

Why does it say my astrological sign? That's such garbage. I feel like I'm being accused of believing in astrology. It's embarrassing. Now I have to figure out how to LINK to things like The Atheist Alliance and Snopes just no one thinks I'm a sucker who believes in dumb things like God and what-sign-are-you and urban legends about people who put LSD on payphones.

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Ooh! Look I did it! I made a picture happen! Still haven't figured out how to put my own picture up in the corner there...


Toe in the water test.

Is there anything more egocentric than a blog? I'm not a terribly fascinating person, but I am a huge geek so I guess it was only a matter of time before I started something like this. Maybe I'll just keep the blog and not tell anyone about it. Simultaneously shrinking from and inviting ridicule... I really just want a place to put my pictures. Ok, now I have to go figure out how all this works.