Thursday, June 24, 2004

Narcissus Down Under

Final post before vacation - this is a very silly picture that I took of myself at 2 o'clock this morning just before tumbling into bed. If Vader can do it, so can I! You all behave yourselves while I'm gone. I don't want to come back to find any of you bloggers married to each other or knocked up or nursing hangovers. I have booked those activities exclusively for myself this week. A couple of tidbits. Was watching The Daily Show last night and they showed a snippet of The Chimp at a press conference saying, "The Prime Minister brought up the Abu Gareff..................situation...." The WHAT situation, Mr. Chimp? Jon Stewart pointed out that when the Commander in Chief can't even remember the name of the prison at the center of the prisoner abuse scandal, it just kinda seems like he doesn't...really...give a shit. On a non-political note, remember the FAKE SHOPPER with the Rutger Hauer eyes that I wrote about a little while back? Well, I disdained him because I thought his job was stupid and a waste of time and I was sick of him making googly eyes at me when I went in there. Well, he caught someone the other day. Young Asian woman, looked totally normal, but he stopped her on her way out the door and then the cops came. So now I feel bad in two ways. One, it turns out his job is not so much stupid as...not-stupid. Two, perhaps he's making eyes at me and following me around the store for a completely different reason than I thought... Do I look untrustworthy? Look at me - do I? Well, let's hope airport security doesn't think so. Y'all be good. (Yeah, right.) I'm out.