Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sweaty Sloth

It is 88 degrees and muggy here today. I don't do well in this weather. Outside it feels like I'm breathing hot mayonnaise. If I had to pick one season it would, of course, be autumn. But if I had to choose between perpetual winter and perpetual summer, winter would always win. I'm going to go home and lay on the cool couch until it gets warm and then I will lay on the other couch until it gets warm and then I will have to come up with a new plan. Sometimes I sleep with ice wrapped in plastic at the foot of my bed and alternate freezing my feet. Today's short topic is nicknames for dalliances (men who for whatever reason occupied only short interludes a la Sex and the City but with less witty banter). This excludes actual boyfriends. If you know me, feel free to guess who is who. The Talker The Prince of Darkness (not to be confused with George W. who also sometimes goes by this moniker) The Amateur The Mastodon The Bee Sting (also known as Fathead) The Dart The Navy Seal The Shakes There may be more but I really hope not.