Wednesday, June 23, 2004


1. I got a new apartment. This is mostly good. Hardwood floors, working fireplace, "breakfast nook," no upstairs neighbors, built-in book shelves, gas stove, shower and bathtub two separate entities, 4 shower heads in tiled shower, French doors in living room. I move in September 1st. Happy Sloth. Had to give up dishwasher. No laundry in apartment (but is in building). No deck. $1700/month. Not-happy Sloth. But it's either that or move to Dorchester. Yay for Boston housing crisis! 2. I leave for Australia on Friday. After tomorrow will not be blogging until after July 4th. Any last minute advice on bouncing around down under (not the perverted kind) will be appreciated. 3. It is end of fiscal year and I am very very very busy. Must try to control addiction to crack cocaine that is blogging. 4. Just visited a blog called "People Who Deserve a Beatdown" - it is linked in sidebar now. I find it highly enjoyable and wish it was set up for commenting. 5. Will likely update again later because am addicted to crack cocaine that is blogging.