Thursday, July 29, 2004


This morning's post is in honor of the beatdown guy who, regrettably, has been removed from the sidebar as he has not posted in a month. 1. If you smoke in the morning and then sit next to me on the bus so that I get to smell a wet ashtray all the way to work, you deserve a beatdown. 2. If you say that Teresa Heinz-Kerry is too mouthy and opinionated and you conveniently ignore the glaring double standard between men and women in the public eye, you deserve a beatdown. 3. Scientologist? Beatdown. 4. The weather is so muggy that my towel has not dried out for two days. Beatdown. 5. Ann Coulter, you deserve the biggest beatdown of all for being such a twat that you would attack  Max Cleland and belittle his patriotism and his war wounds. The guy lost three limbs in heavy combat during the Vietnam War and you accuse of him of lying about how it happened? What kind of fucking insect are you? I'm sorry, I do a disservice to insects everywhere by associating you with them. You are a goddamned turd and I hope you choke on your tongue.