Monday, July 12, 2004

In Search Of...

I stalked it for weeks before I finally caught up with the beast. The heat was unbearable. Toward the end, every movement took a strength I didn't know I had. The underbrush was slick and filled with angry insects. Each night I laid my exhausted body down in the squirming the mud and covered myself with banana leaves for camouflage. I tracked it by its footprints and by its smell - a combination of ice cream, musk and mischief. Sometimes I would come upon the place it had bedded down for the night only hours after it had left. I wanted so badly to collapse into its temporary nest, the mugginess and exhaustion were overwhelming. But I kept going, camera at the ready. I had to prove to the world that this mythical beast really did exist. I only found the beast by accident, in the end. It had been distracted by the smell of a deep fryer, perhaps in a nearby village. It was standing in a clearing, a look of deep desire on its face. With my remaining strength, I crawled quietly toward it on all fours. At the very last second, however, it spotted me. At that moment, it showed me "the hand" and bounded away, no doubt to lurk in the wilderness for decades before it is spotted again. If only I had had my pistola at hand, I could have brought back its hide. As it is, I will have to content myself with this tiny shred of proof. Anyone care to guess what this creature is?  Posted by Hello