Tuesday, July 20, 2004


This is a picture of a dragonfly in my parents' garden. It has nothing to do with this post. Just trying to conjure up pretty pictures and fond memories to float through the next few days on. This is a little snapshot from my childhood. I smoked my first cigarette in the seventh grade. My girlfriend swiped some pipe tobacco from her father and we rolled the shag into fuzzy brown caterpillars that we pinched together with our fingers and folded into torn strips of lined notebook paper - college ruled. They smelled wonderful like old leather chairs and old men who told old stories. Then we lit them and they smelled like a naughty brush fire. "Hold it in as long as you can," Katie squeaked at me, trying not to laugh. We thought this was how it was done. Her cheekbones were bunched up like plums. Her ribcage, expanded around her smoke-filled lungs, made her look square, like a gorilla on its hind legs. I inhaled. I held in. We stood staring at each other, holding our smoke, poking our gorilla chests out as though we were about to fight. Posted by Hello