Thursday, July 08, 2004

Travel Journal Part 3

I took this picture in a public loo in Sydney. Went to dim sum today. They call it "yum chow" here which I think is far more appropriate. It was just a big huge room filled with Asian people shoving food in their gobs. Ate all sorts of mysterious tidbits that tasted good but could have been cat loin or wombat balls for all I could tell. Also drank 800 cups of strangely addictive green tea. Back to the hotel to freshen up (yum chow can make a lady perspire) and then off to the aquarium. Yay! Wow - aquarium was amazing! Glass tunnels through the exhibits allow one to walk beneath and beside the animals. The manta ray was fascinating from the caudal view - alien looking, with a small mail slot of a mouth and flat, white gills. It flew through the water like a great, gray cape caught in the wind. The sharks were enormous - bulbous in the middle, even. I got my first really close view of their many rows of teeth. They are such amazing, evolutionarily perfect predators. After the aquarium we went for cocktails at a club on the harbor. It had cooled a bit so we sat near a heat lamp and watched the water. At the bartender's recommendation I got my cosmopolitans with a burnt orange which involves a lighter and an orange peel and a 4-foot-tall bartender with a flirty streak. Finally, Italian food and then back to the hotel for hibernation-type sleep. It is of note that all of the toilets here have two buttons for flushing. One shows a circle half filled in and the other a circle all filled in. Like an SAT answer bubble. One is for a half-flush (pee) and the other is for a full flush (poo). Why do we not do this here? It seems like it would save a lot of water.  Posted by Hello