Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Travel Journal Part 5

This is a picture of the jetty on the beach right next to CB's house. Day 4 Well, here we are in Adelaide. It's a much smaller, funkier town than Sydney but there are palm trees everywhere and you can smell the ocean. It's colder. It was like summer in Sydney - in the upper 60's and lower 70's every day. Here it's like fall, low to mid-50's and the air is so crisp and breathable that it feels as though it's moving in and out of my lungs of its own volition. Last night we went for drinks with CB's friend Steve who is uber delicious to look at, but only 21 years old, with the predictable result that he is entirely unattainable to the likes of me. If he was less than 7 years younger than me, I might try to hit it and if I was of the state of mind to still do the casual sex thing without feeling like I just wasted my time and added another notch to the already over-notched belt, I might try to hit it, but as it is I do believe that the 4 lonely condoms I brought along "just in case" will be coming home with me to reside in my underwear drawer until they expire, unused and unloved. Day 5 Went to CB's university to see the campus and tap the internet. I sent a query to Travelocity which was, I suspect, far too vague to achieve any results as I am totally ignorant of my airline, my flight number, my departure time, my log-in for Travelocity and, apparently, the most basic traveling skills that even a donkey could master. Tonight we had dinner at CB's with some of his friends. CB cooked some pepper, olive, sausage, mince meat, raisin thing which sounds horrendous but was one of the best meals I've ever had. During dinner we watched "Old School." Again. The boys were quoting from their favorite scenes before the movie had even ended. 10 minutes after the frat initiation scene, they were still yelling, "Blue, you're my BOY!!" Sleep time now. Beach combing and wine tours on tap for tomorrow. Posted by Hello