Thursday, July 29, 2004

Who's Who in Blogland?

Vader is not having a good day today. For a lot of reasons. One of the things she is concerned about is Blogger identity. I agree that it can get pretty freaky. I keep reading lately that Mr. Vodka is pissing people off and Vader commented that she thought he might be the same person as Kevin from TJ's Place. I have no idea if that's true or not. However.  I knew I remembered reading a comment by Kevin a while back that was relevant to this topic and went largely unnoticed by his readers. This may cause a flurry of whatever, but I feel compelled to re-print it here. This was posted by Kevin on his own site, Life at TJ's Place, on May 31st: Marc, I currently have only 5 blogs that I use to comment here. I'm gravedigger, Jenni from Alaska, Damian from the UK, Dan Tobin (I haven't commented as Dan for awhile because Surgical Strikes takes up a lot of my day) and starz from I used to be several others.   For those of you who have asked me in the past, this is exactly the reason that I don't email. You never know who people are and the temptation to trust people on the internet can get you in big trouble. I'm not offering an opinion about the good or bad nature of Kevin/Dan/Damian/Jenni, all I'm saying is that people can seem really nice and really not nice and on the internet the nice person and the not-nice person can be the same person. Yikes.