Monday, August 23, 2004

Blabbity Blah - Short Attention Span Theater

Green bud vase on my parents' kitchen counter. 1. Scary: someone found my site by searching Google for "unconscious frat drink." I don't even want to know. 2. Also scary: I have heartburn all the time. I told my doctor but she is a sucky doctor and never listens to what I say. I tell her I can't sleep, she just kind of nods at me. I tell her I have heartburn all the time, she tells me to take Zantac. Plus, she has the grossest fingernails. Some are really long and some are just stubs. Pick one or the other, you piece of white trash!! That's right. My doctor is white trash. Except she's Jewish, so I don't know if that's even possible. Anyway, I had pain in my stomach and esophagus so bad on Saturday night that I almost went to the hospital. So I'm switching doctors. Does anyone here have an ulcer? Can you tell me what the symptoms are? 3. Happy: my parents called me at 11 o'clock on Saturday night. I was not having the heartburn pain yet. Now, when I get calls from family late at night it is generally to tell me that someone has died so I HATE late night calls. I answer the phone all nervous and it's my stepfather saying, hey I have news. So I get all tense and say, what's wrong. Your sister's getting married, he tells me. Yay! This is fabulous news! I say. And it is fabulous news. Very exciting. But there is so much emotional stuff that goes along with it for me and it sucks so bad that I am thinking this way, but of course I'm all, well, she's got such a better life than me. She graduated college on time and now she's a doctor and now she's marrying into a wealthy family and she's going to have babies and I'm over here still trying to getting my degree and working a dumb job and I can't even keep a boyfriend and no one will ever marry me and I'm a huge disappointment to my parents because I don't want kids and blah blah blah. See how I do that? See how something great happens to someone else and I make it all about me and how much I suck? Yeah, that is definitely something I need to change. It's not about ME. It's about HER and she is very lucky and happy and that is what matters. Not my stupid whiny problems. Jeepers! Anyway, I need advice (once again) on bridal showers and whatnots. Is it my responsibility as the sister to do the bridal shower? And how am I going to swing that since she lives in Philadelphia and I live in Boston and our parents live in Maine? Any advice or knowledge on this is appreciated. 4. Scary again: my review is not until this afternoon so lucky me I get to poop my pants from nervousness all day long. 5. Informative: looks like I'm taking Comparative Religious Ethics, Principles of Editing, and The Madness of Crowds for classes this semester. 6. Stressful: I've been packing for the move on the 1st and I keep running into stuff that throws me into emotional turmoil. Letters from my grandmother, letters from my aunt, both passed. Letters and postcards from old boyfriends and all kinds of stuff. It's very trying and I'm crying all the time. I will be glad when I'm all packed. 6. Soothing: I was so freaked out and sad all weekend that I spent over a thousand dollars on handbags and shoes. And you know what? It really made me feel better. Posted by Hello