Monday, August 02, 2004

A Call to Arms

This is a photo of a "Comma" butterfly that I took in my parents' garden last weekend. It got its name from the little white comma-shaped mark on its wing - see it? I got some color shots of it with wings open as well but they don't show the little mark so I chose this one. Today's post was inspired by several people - mostly Regan, Abra and J5. I broke up with my last boyfriend just before Thanksgiving last year after a 2-year relationship. Since then my love life has been the emotional and sexual equivalent of an icy tundra. The reasons are complicated and include the following 1. I've gotten to a point where I don't want to waste time with flings that are clearly only casual and have no hope of becoming more. 2. I know what I'm looking for, I know who I am and I won't settle for something that doesn't have at least the possibility of turning into "the L-word." (No, the L-word is not lesbian. But who knows, I don't like to discriminate.) 3. I'm not a flirt so I guess I'm not really "putting myself out there." What it boils down to is this - if I still haven't had a date by the time November rolls around again (when I will have been single for a year), I'm going to take the plunge and place a personal ad online. This is completely terrifying to me as a (as you all well know) very private, don't-talk-to-strangers kind of sloth. I don't even know how to begin. Do I include my picture? Should I just browse the guys' ads and not put one of my own? Where should I put the ad if I do it? What should I say? What are the pitfalls I should look out for? How can I tell if a guy's a creep? How do I politely weed people out? Help!! I know some of you have had some experience with this and I am asking for advice. You can comment it here, or you could do a post about it on your own blog and comment here to tell me to go read it. Which I will. With much fervor. I appreciate your assistance with this and am hoping that in the end it will all have been for nought as my man will drop into my life before the deadline. He has three months to get here. If you see him, tell him to hurry the hell up. Posted by Hello