Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mini-Post: Rick

This is a picture of a stained glass window in a crypt at Mount Auburn Cemetery. Two nights ago I had occasion to meet one of my very favorite authors, Hendrik Hertzberg. He was holding a discussion about the Constitution and democracy at a local bookstore. (Yes, he was also there to promote his book.) Rick, as he's known to his friends, has been writing for The New Yorker for a long time and was at The New Republic before that. I have long had a crush on his brain and now that I've seen him in person I officially have a crush on everything else about him too. He's a handsome, scarily intelligent, salt-and-pepper-haired writer who is completely comfortable in front of an audience. Unfortunately he was also wearing a wedding ring. I spoke to him after the discussion while he was signing my copy of his book. You may not know this, I said, but your work is wonderful to read out loud. My friends can attest. His face broke into a huge grin and he asked me if I was serious. I blushed so hard it felt like my face was going to spontaneously combust. He wrote in my book, "For Sloth (except it was my real name) - Suitable for reading aloud. I had no idea!! Thanks... Hendrik Hertzberg." I smiled at strangers all the way home. Posted by Hello