Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Prickly! Glowing! Slothy!

Woo hoo!!!!!!!! I am SO not fired. I got a glowing review. Yay! I am currently working on another blog, yes ANOTHER blog. It's a photoblog inspired by all of your suggestions that I do something with these pictures and finally pushed into fruition when I visited Airek's homepage with all of his paintings. The photographs will be for sale but they are also there just to be seen and enjoyed and for me to have a place to collect them all. It probably won't come together completely for a few days but when it does I'll link it over there to your right. I don't know anything about html or web design so if anyone who does sees my finished photoblog and simply can't stand how plebeian it is, it's all yours to design anew! For a cool page design I would be happy to send payment in the form of a matted photograph of your choosing (but not one of me naked). Finally for this afternoon, did anyone see John Kerry on The Daily Show last night? He was so great - totally relaxed and low key, funny and friendly and not preachy at all. It was a fantastic show. Then I switched to CNN where they were of course talking about the Swift Boat Fucksticks for Bush. There I got to hear an anchorperson asking a couple of commentators, "There are a lot of real issues that Americans are concerned about at the moment - the economy, the war in Iraq, the environment - that aren't being addressed because of this controversy. Any idea when the candidates might go back to talking about these important issues?" I wanted to take that anchorperson by the neck and shove his media credentials down his hypocritical throat. Wake up, you unintentionally ironic asshole!! The candidates ARE talking about the issues - they ARE talking about the economy, the war and the environment!!! It's YOU, the RABID MEDIA who aren't LISTENING. And when you don't listen to what the candidates are saying, you don't allow US to listen either!! Get off the fucking swift boat and get back on the campaign trail, you scandal whores!!