Thursday, August 05, 2004


This is yet another photograph of the famous Felix. On the bus this morning I saw: An Asian woman wearing a blue surgical mask thing that really looked more like a pot-holder. It was sort of quilted. I've seen this before, but I'm not sure what it's all about. The thing was, her nose was peeking out over the top of the mask. Doesn't that kind of defeat the (presumed) purpose? Do I have this all wrong? Why do they wear the masks? A beautiful woman wearing a yellow polk-dot shirt that criss-crossed over her breasts. She had a belly that stuck out but she didn't bother to suck it in. She looked fantastic and I wanted to squeeze her tight and say thank you for not sucking in your belly! A middle-aged woman who had a grouchy, pinched look on her face. I see her all the time and she always looks put-upon. I've never seen her smile. I wanted to squeeze her tight and say have a good day today, pinchy-lady! The votes have been tallied and I have a new theory about why our environment is in such disarray. No one cares about it. Thank you all for voting and here are the results: The Bible and Politics - 12 votes Advanced Fiction - 11 votes Introduction to Buddhism - 10 votes Microbiology and Infectious Disease - 6 votes Religion, Liberalism and Democracy - 6 votes Genocide - 6 votes Biology of HIV/AIDS - 5 votes Comparative Religious Ethics - 3 votes Political Trials 3 - votes Current Topics in Medicine - 3 votes Environmental Management - 0 votes! Posted by Hello