Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Two-toed Tuesday (Except I'm three-toed)

Flower close-up. Portland, Maine. Good morning peeps!! What is it about listening to John Hiatt in the morning that makes me feel so at peace? The weather is crappy, I'm still not packed for the move, I'm up to my chin in work, but it's all ok. I saw a little old lady doing little old stretches in her driveway this morning and I don't why but I just kind of fell in love with her. Between her and John, I'm a very Zen-like sloth today. I will respond to comments when I get a chance later. Right now I am busy preparing for a big scary meeting/presentation thingy. HOWEVER, I did want to tell you all that thanks to April, who probably thought I didn't even read her comment, I have finally managed to put up a photo page! The downloads are not complete, but a good chunk of the photographs are there. You can find the collection at Slothville's Galleries. It's nothing fancy, but it works just fine for an amateur like me. That's all I have time for at the moment. For now, please entertain yourself with the following list from McSweeney's that I have shamelessly nabbed off of their website. Variations on "Spanking the Monkey" That Enable It to Apply to Female Masturbation. By Emily Lloyd - - - - Applying consistent pressure to the monkey Lightly flicking the monkey Rhythmically washing the monkey Rubbing the monkey against the Pottery Barn sisal rug Spanking the monkey with a vibrator Gently pinching the monkey Sometimes just thinking really, really hard about the monkey Writing the monkey's thesis