Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Winna Winna Winna!!!!

The following people were first with comments today. Congratulations on your quick typing skillz! Big love also to all who participated in Short Attention Span Day. Who knows, we may do it again tomorrow... Firsters (NOT to be confused with "fisters"): The Pink Princess, also known as Mandy. The Grown Up, also known as Catt. The Pink Bee, also known as Barrie. The Cootersnap, also known as Ang. The World of Crush, also known as Cybele. The Guy Who Likes All the Same Stuff As Me, also known as Luke. The Alaskan Evergreen, also known as Kerri. Thank you all and we'll see you tomorrow! Edit/Update - As a final thought a la Jerry Springer, I will add that Haloscan is a dirty whore. Beatdown with my pimp hat!!