Sunday, September 05, 2004


it's a whooosititwhatsah no so mch otso yep. ima prettty durnk. thinkcould sue water. use water. uep. water will be good for ehaeald tomroeeo. yuep. ok. dint do anyhtikn stupid.just too mchn martitni. toomujchdrinking. happy thought rtired. more rwiriinting tormorrow. so miss you gugrys. sleepyhnow.gnnite. you nbe good sleep good don't fuckanthingup/ **UPDATE** Whaaaaaaaaat the fuck? Oh dear sweet baby Jesus. It's beautiful outside today. Or so I hear. I've had quite a bit of time to think today. Hangover is a weird word, isn't it? What the hell does that mean? Hang. Over. I wonder if the etymology has anything to do with hanging over the toilet. That would certainly make sense to me since that's what I've been doing all goddamn day. No one's fault but my own. Pukin' ain't no fun, huh? But afterwords you feel sooooooo much better. I think I found my Zen place on the bathroom floor today. And I think I'm about to find it again...