Friday, September 03, 2004

Missing: My Zen Place

The photographs in this post were taken at the Boston Peace Rally in March of 2003. Some of you may be wondering why I haven't been talking about the Republican National Convention at all. The truth is, I'm too angry to even form a coherent post about it. I believe that our president is corrupt, bigoted, and cruel. I believe that he is an amoral man who does not deserve to hold any kind of office in this country, let alone Commander in Chief. I believe that his entire administration is rotten to the core and infested with people who care for absolutely nothing except their own gain. I also believe that George W. Bush will be re-elected (or elected for the first time) by a populace that either cannot or will not see the truth about him. It makes me sick. It makes me want to break things. I can't think about it and be kind to strangers and children and dogs. I can't think about it and sleep at night. I can't think about it and get through the day so I am washing my hands of political rhetoric until I find my Zen place and calm down, chill out, cool off. In the meantime, for those of you with less slothful constitutions, there are a number of bloggers out there who are writing quite eloquently about their impressions of the RNC. I hope that you will check them out because they have some interesting things to say. E-Lo, Julie, and The Bitter Man are three blogs that have been devoted to this topic recently and I agree with their assessments and opinions. You may not, but if that's the case, try not to be a fucking asshole about it. Emma. Last night Mr. Bush told the crowd around him that parents of soldiers who have lost their lives out there in the desert often tell him that they are proud of their kids and that they will pray for him, the man who constructed the death of their children. If that keeps him warm at night, if he can live with that, if he is content to forget his own cowardice in the face of military service while our young men and women are slaughtered, then I truly do not understand what makes him a good American. George Bush is not a patriot. He is an elitist warmonger with an agenda that will be unstoppable if he is in the White House for four more terrible years.