Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Moving Day

I'm so exhausted, my skin hurts. I've had two hours of sleep. By the time I finished packing last night I was labeling boxes with phrases like, "I have no idea what's in here" and "Gremlins, keep dry." The piano movers showed up at 5:45 while I was still dead to the world and I blundered my way out of bed to let them in. I opened the door in my robe to find three GIGANTIC bald men in too-tight t-shirts. It was completely porno-esque. I thought, "If I hear bad 70's disco music, I'm making a run for it." Soon this will all be over and I can SLEEP like the over-exerted sloth that I am. Also, I saw a woman walking and knitting at the same time yesterday. Is it just me or does that seem like a terrible, eye-endangering idea? Come to think of it, I also saw a woman with a tattoo on her chin yesterday which, in the spectrum of bad ideas, is probably closer to "red-hot." Ok, folks - have a wonderful day in blogland and you all play nice, ok? I'll be back soon.