Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Swank and Pompunstance

Oh hello. Seth requested the spider picture from Labor Day weekend. Fortunately for the rest of you, it doesn't really go with a post about a wedding. So you have at least two more days before the arachnid goes up. On Saturday afternoon I went to a wedding that I had been invited to only two days prior. The bride was a woman who I work with who also has her own fashion consulting business. Basically, you can hire her to come to your house, throw all your crappy clothes in the trash despite your feeble protests and take you shopping for stuff that you actually look good in. She is a total fashionista and Shoe Goddess in her own right and we are always comparing outfits, although not necessarily out loud. The thing I love the most about her is that she has this little round belly that she just lets stick out and is not ashamed of. And she looks so good! She's really beautiful. The wedding, of course, was unbearably hip. There were giant fiddleheads in her bouquet and fresh figs in the pre-dinner buffet. The reception music was old R&B with some fun 80's tunes (Prince, Talking Heads, etc.) thrown in. No electric slide at this shindig, no way. I was curious about the fact that they had decided to get married on September 11th but decided not to ask. I was just thankful to have a festive occasion to attend on that day although we did observe a moment of silence during the ceremony which I thought was appropriate. She sat me at the cool table with all the guys in her husband's band and their wives and girlfriends. They were all so nice I couldn't believe it. And of course there was the obligatory single guy next to me who actually turned out to be very chill even though he sort of looked like a flight attendant in his funny groomsman's outfit. It was a total set-up, but I didn't mind. He's a musician and a photographer and I don't get the freezer-full-of-dead-bodies feeling from him. Plus, he was looking at my iPod mini and forgave me for having a Matchbox Twenty song on there (oh, the shame) so when he emailed me yesterday I told him sure we can get a cup of coffee if you don't mind waiting until October when I get back from vacation. The coolest thing that happened was that a group of retailers in impeccable outfits stopped me as I was walking by their table to ask me if I was wearing a Roze Somethingorother dress which I was, but I only knew that because I had noticed the tag while I was putting it on and now I've already forgotten the designer's last name. They were all trilling about what good taste I had and how beautiful the dress was and how much did I pay for it and blah blah blah. I was so flattered that I didn't have the heart to tell them that I bought the thing in a dusty consignment shop in Freeport, Maine after talking the store owner down to $75 because of a flaw in the lining. Who knew I was buying haute couture? Gotta run, so much work to do. But tomorrow you get to hear about my day at the New England Dragway. And there will be pictures of rednecks!