Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dress Up, Dress Down (Ewok Style)

There was a woman wearing so much perfume on the bus today that I had to breathe through my scarf. I wanted to mangle and maim her, stupid stinky bitch. Oh, good morning! Must ingest caffeine before lives are lost... Wednesday, September 29th: I was restless after everyone went to bed last night so I walked down to the beach and boogied to my iPod under the full moon. There's something about being on the beach in the dark, the moon on the water, grooving out to my tunes, that's so giddying and surreal. I mean, if someone saw me I would be horrified...but there's no one around to see, so who cares? After I boogied for awhile I took a long walk down the beach. About half a mile along I was lured into the dunes by a larger-than-life human silhouette. In the dunes I found a house - actually a series of cabins connected by boardwalks, sort of like the Ewok village. The human-shaped thing was on the roof and I couldn't make it out clearly in the darkness. Then I found a hammock swing and forgot all about it. Dozed off in the Ewok hammock swing for awhile and then moseyed back home again. Yesterday we all went to Scarborough Faire - a touristy little shopping mecca that thinks it's really quaint because all of the cute shops are connected by boardwalks, sort of like the Ewok village. Most of the places sell crappy knick knacks and crappy crafts and crappy "art." but it is sort of a fun place to meander around and bask in a (perhaps false) sense of superiority that comes from watching other people buy crap that even an Ewok wouldn't touch. Yes, no one should be without a ceramic tile that reads "Love makes the world go 'round" in jolly pastel or a dried-out starfish covered in glitter or a picture frame with cartoon cats and dogs on it or a huge framed photograph of a chestnut mare cantering down the beach or a $500 bracelet made by a hungry peasant in Bali for 10 cents. I mean, come on - we're Americans!! We all need useless shit to decorate our modular homes and hang from the rearview mirrors of our SUV's. Anyway, we agreed to meet back at the car in an hour and everyone wandered off in separate directions but about 45 minutes later we all ran into each other in the same store - the Nag's Head Shop. It was not, in fact, a head shop, although that potential was the entire reason I wandered in there in the first place. The Nag's Head shop sells hats, shoes, sunglasses I got a latte and then we all started trying on crazy-looking sunglasses and funny hats - specifically hats with fake hair attached to them. Barry, our resident baldy, looked especially fetching in the dirty-hippie-hair-hat, but he won't let me put his picture on the website so you'll just have to take my word for it. The only picture we got of me was this one with the black swan sunglasses but believe me when I say that the martini glass sunglasses were the best.