Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Flirty Sloth (100th Post!)

Friday, September 24th EDIT: The Dastard has updated - I urge you all to read his new post. Thanks. Took a sedative last night so I could sleep past dawn. Waking up for the sunrise without effort is a novelty and everything but it really fucks up the rest of my day because I'm ready for a nap by 8:30 and then I'm down hard until noon. So. I took a pill that my doctor prescribed to me a while back for fictional flight anxiety, drank a couple glasses of wine and hit the sheets like a cartoon anvil around midnight. Aaaaand, instead of waking up chipper and sweet-faced for the sunrise, I woke up grouchy and groggy and ready to wreak very slow havoc on the world for the sunrise. No more sedatives for Sloth. Yesterday the weather channel warned us that Hurricane Jeanne may be coming to gobble us up which would really really really suck ass if it happened. Ok, ready for the most shallow, dimwitted thought process ever? This was honestly the first thing that went through my head when I heard we might get a hurricane: "Crap. If we get a hurricane next week I might lose my tan before I get home!" That's right, folks. It would seem that my tan is more important than peoples' homes, businesses and lives. Am I ashamed of myself? A little. Not enough, apparently, as I am still thinking about it like it would be a really big tragedy. Saturday, September 25th Good lord and butter, I can't believe it's already the weekend! On the other hand I can't believe that I can lounge on the beach/my ass for a whole nother week. Nine pelicans just flew over my head in a line. Was up for the sunrise again this morning. I don't mean to complain but I was up until 3 a.m. watching Terms of Endearment on the tube and assumed I would sleep in but WHAM!! At 6:50 I sat up in bed like a possessed doll, grabbed my camera and slogged onto the beach to take a picture. Yesterday we went to the Bodie Island lighthouse and I bought some very cool architectural drawings of it for $1.25 each. Then we stopped by Oregon Inlet to watch the boats come in from the Gulf Stream. Customers pay to be brought out there to fish for tuna and whatever else they run into. The custom is that when they come back they wet down the dock with a hose and toss the fish right onto it where everyone can get a good look. Then the customers, whether they be normal people or a bunch of drunken yahoos (seen here), pose for a picture with all their fish. Twenty pelicans just flew over my head in a line. While we were at Oregon Inlet I noticed a handsome man with a super nice camera taking pictures of everything just like me. We dodged around each other for a while getting close-ups and whatnot. Then what do you think happened? I looked up and he was taking a picture of me! So I brought my camera up and took a picture of him taking a picture of me. A few minutes later he approached me and we had this exchange: him: "Hey, I just took a picture of you." me: "I know, I took a picture of you taking a picture of me." him: "Yeah, I thought you might have." me: "..." him: "It was a great shot. There was a guy with a fish standing right next to you, looking at you, but you didn't notice him." And that's when Barry, who I love but who should work on his timing, walked up to me and said, "Time to go!" Gah!! .........oh well. I hope to someday look back on that moment and think, "Phew! That was close! If that had worked out I would never have been able to make Davy Rothbart fall in love with me!" What? Shut up. Tomorrow: karaoke and a public service announcement.