Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Night Sweats

I had a really vivid dream last night that George W. Bush won the election. I was absolutely convinced it had actually happened. In the dream I decided to take Slothville off line and just kind of hibernate for a while. If he wins for real, I think that's what I'll have to do. Ed Koch was on the Daily Show last night and said that he can't think of a single domestic issue that he agrees with George W. on but he is endorsing him for president because he's "strong on terror" and that "is life and death." I wanted to throw the television out the window. DOMESTIC ISSUES ARE LIFE AND DEATH. PEOPLE LIVE AND DIE BY OUR POLICIES. To a kid in an unfunded school, the crappy education she is getting determines the trajectory of the rest of her life. To an elderly person who can't get a flu shot, one bout of illness can be deadly. To a pregnant teenager with abusive parents, having to get permission for an abortion can be catastrophic. Not everyone lives in New York City. Terror is not the only thing this election turns on. And even if it was, saying that George W. is strong on terror is a falsehood. He never got the guy who attacked us. He used the murder of 3000 people to further his own dishonest agenda. He is not strong on terror - he is strong on terrorizing his own populace by striking fear into our hearts and lies into our minds. He doesn't deserve one ounce of power over us and we shouldn't give it to him.