Friday, October 22, 2004

Slothful Sloth

Well, it's a crappy day today so I thought I would try to lighten it up with some humor about our crappy president. Went out for drinks with the Dastard last night and I'm a little sleepy this morning. Guess who we ran into? The wanker sous chef!! I pretended I didn't recognize him which was clearly disingenuous and it was all a bit distressing. The Daily Show was not that great last night. But I don't care. Ever since the Crossfire confrontation (linked here) my adoration of Jon Stewart has deepened into an abiding, forever kind of love. Also, he's hot. I don't feel like doing anything today! There is hardly anyone here and it's raining out and I just want to goof off. So I'll probably update again in a little bit. EDIT/UPDATE: I've taken TJ's Place off the sidebar. The blog is dead. I do feel partly responsible. It's true that his comments section has reappeared elsewhere, but the people that comment there are just......scary. Regarding links: I hate the retarded cliquey politics around links. So. Stupid. There are a lot of people I would like to link here, but the list is too long as it is. I don't want a mile-long list of links. At some point here or there I may remove a link that I have up and if that happens I will replace it with someone else. In this case, I have replaced Kevin with Nick.

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