Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Baroness von Spazenstein

Well, now that the fires of righteous indignation have died down a bit, we can get back to the business of doing whatever it is we do around here. Here is a short list of current issues affecting the Baroness: 1. I have a pimple. This is exceedingly distressing. It's fairly small, but it's right in the middle of my cheek. Remember that movie The Believers when the chick got hit with the voodoo curse and a little bump was on her cheek and then ants crawled out of it? Yeah, I'm not happy about this. 2. Davy Rothbart found my blog like a month ago and left a comment that I didn't notice until the other day. So.....I sent him an email. And he wrote me back. Now before I go any further into this I should say that I am torn equally between being psyched and being completely and utterly horrified that he found Slothville. Remember how I was crushing on Davy so bad while I was on vacation? Yeah, he read that. I haven't yet decided how embarrassed I actually am. Still trying to suss it out. So anyway, he wrote me back and gave me his digits and I, in turn, did the same. But here's the thing: I don't think he MEANT to give me his phone number. I think his phone number is part of a larger signature line. But I can't tell for sure because gmail has this weird format that I don't really understand. What I'm trying to tell you is that if his phone number is part of his signature, there is no way that Davy Rothbart doesn't now think that I'm a desperate, pathetic psycho handing out my digits. So once again I'm torn between "tee hee! I have Davy's phone number!" and "oh crap, he must think I'm a total freak show." So, Davy, if you're reading this, I'm not normally such a spaz. (All right people, pipe down!) 3. There is no 3 really, I just don't think you can have a proper list with only two things on it. 4. Oh! There is something else after all. So, this is sort of 3, I guess. We've all been talking about getting back on our feet after this election and doing the work that needs to be done instead of moping around and feeling hopeless. If you want to do some volunteer work to that end, I suggest visiting Howard Dean's project, Democracy for America, and checking out what they have to say. I really like this organization and they can always use more help.