Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dude, I'm famous.

Good morning Slothville. Is it just me or does everyone find Tuesdays irritating? I think Tuesday is the worst day of the week. At least on Monday you have a fresh-start sort of feeling. On Wednesday you're halfway to the weekend. On Thursday you know you only have to get through one more day. Friday and Saturday speak for themselves and Sunday means brunch with eggs and potato pancakes. But Tuesday? The newness of the week has already worn off and the weekend is eons away. If you are as kvetchy as I am today, I hope this picture of Felix lolling around in the backyard will cheer you up. Today is Brush With Fame Day. Or, if you will, A Certain Number of Degrees of Separation Day. Or we could call it Needy Pop Culture Victim Day. Whatever you like. Here's the short (and very incomplete) list: 1. The lead singer of Simply Red gave the roommate of a former coworker of mine herpes. 2. I once ate a macrobiotic meal with River Phoenix. Then he shot up and had sex with the caterer. 3. Dave Eggers has a much slighter frame than one might expect. 4. My friend Beverly once walked in on Val Kilmer taking a crap in his trailer. 5. Davy Rothbart accidentally gave me his phone number. There is much more but I'm already bored of myself. I suppose I should get back to my Tuesday. You all behave yourselves. I'm watching you.