Friday, November 19, 2004

Long Overdue Rednecks

A while back I promised a post about rednecks and never delivered. So here it is. It's brief, but there are pictures so I hope you enjoy. My ex-boyfriend broke up with me for a car. A year ago he was offered a job on a top fuel drag racing team in Indianapolis and he went. So that's that. Except that he just moved back to Boston yesterday, wants to get back together, and doesn't yet know that I'm seeing someone. Yay for melodrama! Anyway, his team was racing in New Hampshire this past September so a bunch of our friends and I went up there to watch it. Actually, I was redneck hunting because I couldn't give less of a shit about drag racing but whatever. Let me just say that, as a feminist, environmentalist liberal, there is no place on earth where I feel more out of my element than the New England Dragway. The fossil fuel consumption alone is enough to send me reeling in despair. I mean, they have trucks that run on jet fuel, for chrissakes. Then there are the Bush Cheney stickers on pickup trucks, the Hooters girls and the fact that they don't offer any food that hasn't been sitting in the deep fryer for a week. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I actually enjoy going to the dragway and watching this extravaganza of humanity that is totally foreign to me. That's why I always bring my camera. My friend Adam's leg. It was about 9000 degrees that day. I just loved this kid's fro. You gotta have some balls to sport that. Big where it counts. Namely, the back of his neck. Yeah, that counts. Gotta love stupid tattoos. Uhhhhhhhhh.........I'll let you come up with your own caption here. Happy Hooters! It's........the chin, I think. There's just something about his chin that is entirely mesmerizing. Have a good weekend everybody!!