Monday, November 01, 2004

Monday Morning Mini

This is...a leaf. I hope everyone had a fun weekend. Mine was like this: -much shopping -regularly spaced heart palpitations over looming election -read best editorial EVER in the New Yorker and interesting article about Paul Wolfowitz called "The Believer" -stepped in dog poo in nubbly-soled shoes and had to use toothbrush to clean it (and for some reason found the whole thing hysterically funny) -drank apple cider martinis at pumpkin-carving party -caught up with old friend at pumpkin-carving party -got baby fever at pumpkin-carving party (caused by v.v. cute baby that fell asleep in my arms - not my fault) -hurt hands during complicated project involving rope and a decapitated kiwi vine I will be voting before work tomorrow morning and I hope it doesn't make me late. I hope you have all figured out your voting plans already. If any of you are not voting, I don't want to know. For fun reading, click here for a witty, sardonic post about early voting that I found highly amusing.