Saturday, November 27, 2004

Weekend with Parentals: Highlight #1

At the greenhouse, purchasing wreath-making materials: Mom: "Ooh, what's THAT?" Sloth: "I think it's perfume. Or maybe linen spray." M: "Ooooooh! What's linen spray? I want some!" S: "It's.......this stuff you spray on your sheets to make them smell good." M: "This one's called 'Verbina.' Smell it." S: *holding bottle up to nose* "I can't smell anything." M: "Spray it." S: "Um...ok." *spritz spritz* M: "Do you smell anything?" S: "No, lean in." *Sloth and Mom lean in to theoretical "linen spray" cloud.* M: "Ah! Ah! Too strong!!" S: "God, that's awful!!" M: "Imagine if you sprayed that on your sheets and had to sleep in it ALL NIGHT!" S: "Gross." *Sloth and Mom walk out to car.* M: "I can still smell it." S: "Really? I can't." M: "I think it's in my nose." S: "..." M: "I think it's coating my nose hairs." *Sloth and Mom get into car.* M: "Smell my nose." S: "What?" M: "Smell my NOSE." S: "Ok, come here." M: "..." S: "HAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!" M: "Stop it! Try again." S: *sniff* "HAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!" M: "Stop it!! Smell my nose!!!" Much maniacal laughter ensues related to touching my nose to my mother's nose and *sniffing* really hard. Maybe you had to be there but I laughed for two days. Man, everyone should be so lucky to have a mom as cute as mine.