Friday, November 12, 2004

You're filthy cute and baby you know it...'s Short Attention Span Friday! Welcome to Slothville's version of Surgical Strikes. I have nothing to do today except work on some homework and blaaaaaaawg so you get a whole lotta Sloth comin' atcha. First off, a short missive on body image. I have deplorable body image and here's why: I have these tiny hands and feet, tiny arms and legs, and then right in the middle of it all, squishy butt, big boobs and a pot belly. It's just not right - it's all out of proportion. People always tell me I'm insane over this but I really think it's true. Why is it, then, that every guy I have been with is most enthusiastic about the parts of me I don't like? They love the sloth butt. They all want to squeeze it and pinch it and bite it. What is that? They love the Buddha belly. They all want to rub it and smooch it and nuzzle on it. Why? I want to look like a super model but it doesn't seem like that is what people are really and truly attracted to. I say that I don't like how my belly sticks out and they look at me like I just said I don't like breathing oxygen. Is it possible that my perspective is so skewed that I really can't tell what I look like? Or is it that what I've been led to believe is the pinnacle of attractiveness is really just a preying-mantis-woman with a bony ass? This is all just a long drawn out way of leading up to telling you that your Baroness got lucky on Wednesday night. !!!!!