Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Going Out of Business

Hey folks - I hate to do this, but Slothville is closing its doors until further notice. Here's what's going on: 1. Too many people I know are reading this page. There has been lots I want to write about lately that I just can't because of who will read it. Self censorship is a waste of time. Actually, I should say that Slothville has become a waste of time because of having to censor everything I write. 2. Julie was right - I have end-of-semester-itis. I am way to busy to even call myself a sloth anymore. There is tons going on with birthdays and holidays and my workload is absurd. I really need to get back to my real life where my real responsibilities have really backed up. And I can't do that without worrying that people are worrying where I am, which brings me to my next point. 3. Blogging has become more of an obligation than I have wanted to admit. I feel pressure to post every day and that pressure gives me writer's block. I haven't been writing much worth reading lately and I want to go back to my pen and my journal and write something I can feel proud of again. When Slothville stopped being a place for me to store the contents of my brain and started feeling like some kind of performance, its whole purpose began to fade. I may pick it up again after the New Year, or I may not. I hope you all continue to find what you need through this medium. I'll definitely check in from time to time. Take care, everyone.