Monday, December 06, 2004

Mungry Sloth

Sitting duck, Boston Harbor. Good morning, Slothville. Long time no see. I hope everyone is well. I am very tired from celebrating Bunsen's birthday last night with a bottle of wine, some triple-cream bleu cheese, salmon mousse, cracked green olives and a bunch of other snacky goodness. Too bad she couldn't be there. *sigh* A few quick updates: 1. I am struggling to finish the semester in that I am struggling to give a crap about finishing the semester. I just want it to be OVER. I am so tired of working full time and going to school, I could spit! *ptooey!* On that note... 2. I have chosen my classes for next semester. A religion survey course (to hone my debate-the-believers skills) and geology. Woo. Hoo. At least the geology class has field trips. 3. I am very much liking this man I've been seeing - liking him enough that I don't want to talk about it too much yet in case I jinx it. As soon as I feel like I'm standing on two feet instead of hanging off a cliff, I'll tell you more about it. 4. Thanks, in part, to Bunsen's good influence, I've started cooking again. I had Salty over for salad and sesame noodles on Saturday night and el Dastardo came over for popovers on Sunday. I'm starting out slow with recipes I still remember from when I used to cook a lot. I have class Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday night I will make spicy Mexican black beans with veggies and crunchy spaghetti squash. I forgot how nice it is to touch ingredients and eat something really yummy that I made with my own two paws. My roommate is liking the new Sloth and hoping she'll stick around for a while.