Monday, January 31, 2005

Remember Felix? My lazy, crotchety, 17-year-old cat? This is a picture of him half asleep and it's pretty much representative of how I felt for much of the weekend. I don't know if this is normal, but Vicodin gets me totally blissed out. Who knew I could be even more slothful than I am in my natural state? I love it. I wish I could go home and pop some right now. Alas, I must be a productive member of society and earn a living and not be a deadbeat. No fun! The parentals visited this weekend and we had a great time. Excellent dinner at Washington Square Tavern and then to the Sanders Theatre for Paquito D'Rivera. On Sunday we made popovers, scrambled eggs, mimosas and watched the Australian Open which Lleyton Hewitt lost, much to our enjoyment. They met the boy, even though I'm not sure we're legitimately at the meet-the-parents stage and, thanks to a flurry of activity immediately prior to their arrival, my apartment is sparkly-clean. Squeaky, even! There are lots of big things happening in the world. As a democrat who loathes our president with an unprecedented animosity I am reluctant to admit this, but admit it I must. If I lived in Iraq, I don't think I would vote. I think I would be a scaredy-cat and stay home and hide until the election was over. But seeing how brave all these people are, and seeing the women smiling and dropping their ballots in the boxes is pretty damned inspiring. Talk about courage! It doesn't change my mind about our president or about what I consider to be his poor decision-making skills and appalling ignorance, but I'm glad that the carnage during the voting period has been kept to a minimum and I'm glad that people chose to be strong and exercise their new rights. It's about time something hopeful happened over there. I'm also very excited about this new development. Gentlemen, if given the option of never accidentally getting a woman pregnant again, would you consider sedating your soldiers? Would you consider taking the responsibility of birth control, so long the burden of the woman, into your own hands? I hope you would. It's only fair, eh?