Friday, February 04, 2005

Yay for Birth Control!!

What is it with children and personal boundaries? What IS it?? This day can only get better. Early on during my commute this morning, eight hundred thousand small children got on the bus. This is a city bus, not a school bus. Why are there children in sleepy-grouchy-grown-up land? And why must they lean and kick and crawl all over me like a pack of rabid squirrels? And the squeaking! Why do they squeak so much??? Sloths are not morning creatures. We don't want to be awake EVER, let alone on a freezing, rainy, slushy morning. And we have very very sharp claws. Razor sharp! When you start envisioning a bus strewn with bloody bodies, you know it's time to find your Zen place. Luckily, "Sirena" by Calexico came on my iPod just in time to soothe my wrath and the children were spared. For two days every month I have baby fever. Then I get my period and am attacked by a herd of small mammals with moon boots and Pokemon accessories and I'm cured for the next 26 days.