Friday, March 11, 2005

Slothbay *Updated*

I waited half an hour for a bus this morning. So did everyone else. All my bus peeps were late for work today. A really really really cute guy sitting on my right turned to me and said, "I'm never taking the bus again." So, I feel compelled to confess that I have a burgeoning ebay addiction. It's bad. Real, real bad. Last night, in a totally frantic ten-minute episode, I lost my first bidding war over a '60's vintage fur hat with ribbon ties. Graaahhhh!!! Can you even IMAGINE how cute I would look in a '60's vintage fur hat with ribbon ties??? The auction ended as I was in the process of outbidding the piece-of-poop buyer who won. Ebay is an insidious invention. I don't NEED a fur hat and would never have missed one had I not seen it adorning a mannequin's head, whispering to me that I would look like an adorable little snow bunny if only it were adorning my head instead. And it's not only that. It's the crazy allure of WINNING something, even if the thing you won is not worth nearly what you paid for it. I tend to pick a category, check out what auctions are closing within the hour, see if there's anything I want and then, as the last few minutes tick away, I yank that thing right out from under the person who thought they won it. Unless it's a fur hat, in which case I get blindsided and spend the next half hour stomping around the kitchen, making too much noise with pots and pans, and burning the soup. *I have been informed in comments that sneaking in at the last second and making off with an item is considered unethical. I would say "Hmph!!" except that I remember how I felt when my fur hat slipped through my disbelieving claws. I am now a reformed Ebayer and will play nice, even if others don't. To the veteran Ebayers who provided this information, thank you!*