Monday, April 11, 2005

Shoe Extravaganza!

Which unfortunately means you also have to look at my feet. Sloth feet aren't too bad, though, regardless of what some people say. Anyway, I know I said I'd keep it to a dozen pairs or less, but I lied. Some of the colors are a little off, the light was not great, but at any rate, here are Slothy's spring shoes! Black slingback (Lumiani) Black woven leather (Cole-Haan) Blue kitten heel (Cole-Haan) - I wish you could see the blue better. Brown woven leather (Cole-Haan) Green snakeskin (Franco Sarto) - looks black but is dark green. Pink snakeskin (Franco Sarto) Flower slingback (Manolo Blahnik) Patent leather orange slingback Orange slingback kitten heel Mauve wool/suede pump Brown woven t-strap (Cole-Haan) And the following are shoes I purchased from over the weekend. I expect them to be delivered tomorrow and will be trembling with anticipation until then. Also this! Went to see Lewis Black perform at the Orpheum with El Dastardo on Saturday night. We sat in the fourth row, center and it was pretty much the best comedy show I've ever seen. Watching Lewis Black is like wrapping yourself up in a cozy bathrobe of bitterness. And most of his material was brand new! He talked about the Schiavo fiasco, the Pope, and Paul Wolfowitz as evil incarnate. I basked in the glory of his irritability like a lizard on a sun-baked rock. It's one of those nights I wish I could rewind over and over.