Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Confused-by-pop-culture Sloth

GodDAMN it!! I was all proud of myself for being into this band Bloc Party that no one else seemed to have heard of yet, then yesterday I was watching Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Inferno II (don't even think about judging me - do not even THINK about it) and they were advertising Bloc Party ringtones that you could download at every single commercial break. Sloths are never as cutting edge as they'd like to be, I know that, but come ON. Why can't I ever, ever be ahead of the curve? Just once? I just don't move fast enough. So now I'm back to being lame. Speaking of lame, what the fuck happened to Britney Spears? I mean, she's always been a little scary with the whole vixen/virgin thing going on and the constantly changing boob size and the songs that I loathed myself for sort of enjoying, but now she's just gnasty. Yes, I know she's pregnant and gaining weight and looking different, but that's not it. It's like the real Britney is being revealed layer by layer as she gets more and more comfortable with being filthy rich and no longer really needing to work. Underneath that sexy pop star exterior there has always been a Wendy's-eatin', Virginia Slim-smokin', hair-curler wearin', garden-gnome havin', white-trash-trailer livin' baby machine. She's the female Elvis!! Except minus the campy cool part. Red head pics coming soon, I promise.