Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mini Updates - Slothstyle

Hello everyone. It's spring! Nice and warm today, sunny, lovely, happy springtime. Updates: 1. The Sinister Guy (reminder: this is the guy I want to grope and paw every morning on the bus) definitely has his eye on me. Today I got a big smile instead of the surreptitious moon eyes. Something occurred to me about him today. He never has anything with him except his cell phone. No book, no iPod, no bag of any kind. He only ever has his cell phone and when he's not wearing a jacket he carries his phone in his hand. It's just odd to see someone out in the world completely unencumbered. And yes, I know that men don't carry bags the way women do, but all the guys on the bus have at least a backpack or a laptop case or something. I think the 32" waist and the tucked in shirt and the overall appearance of neat, trimmed evil genius exaggerates the effect. Because if he is not carrying his sinister evil genius tools in a backpack, then they must his brain......... 2. I have been reading (thanks to El Dastardo) the short stories of Philip K. Dick and I have noticed some things about them that may not be readily apparent if you don't read them all in a row. -People are smoking like...really smoky people in every story. I'm guessing the dude was a smoker himself because all of his characters suck down the cancer sticks with nary a thought to the actual cancer that's in them in every scene. -Breasts. Man, did he love him some breasts. They are reverently described at least once in all of his stories and apparently, in the future, breasts have a tendency to "heave" at the slightest provocation. That's all I've got for now, if I find any more glaring consistencies I'll be sure to point them out. 3. Here are all the shoes I bought yesterday: And now with a fresh pedicure my feet are sooooo happy. Have a great Wednesday y'all.