Thursday, June 23, 2005


All you pervs can just stop right there. The new boy just left me a long, rambling message in Spanish which I believe included the words for "beer" and "boat" so I assume he's sitting on his boat drinking a beer and wanted to gloat. In Spanish. He also speaks Cantonese. Odd fellow. Anyway, I thought I would include a photograph of roughly how I felt when I was reprimanded at work yesterday for occasionally being 5 or 10 minutes late. (Apparently being occasionally 5 or 10 minutes early is not enough to offset the late part. Neither is staying late to make up the few late minutes. Neither is calling work to, in complete honesty, say, "My bus just hit a car. I'm going to be late." None of these things are enough to assuage the elephantine woman who jammed her finger against the table as she told me that she will be keeping a VERY CLOSE EYE on me for the next few months. This coming from a woman who rolls into our office once in a while and NEVER EVEN NOTICES ME SITTING HERE. Twat.) Anyway, I'm clinging to my ass-sucking job even as I look for a new one with utmost stealth. And this is what the above paragraph looks like.