Monday, June 27, 2005

That's HAWT!!

It is UNBEARABLE here, you guys. For those of you with long hair, you will know what I mean when I say this: I feel like that wad of hair that gets pulled out of your head after you rinse the conditioner out. You know, the one you roll into a little mat and stick to the side of the shower wall so that it doesn't clog the drain, but always forget to go back for and find still hanging onto the tiles the next time you go in. I feel like a wet clump of hair stuck to the side of a hot shower wall. So So Gross here. Muggy, hot, you can't move without sweating. Luckily, sloths don't move much, but come ON. I slept on the couch, less than a foot from the air conditioner last night and I was still hot. I met the new man's brother and sister-in-law and some of his friends at a cocktail party this weekend. Wore a much-admired dress. Dark brown, empire waist, gold sparklies around the bodice and gold-sequined sandals. I had to put tissues under my boobs so I wouldn't sweat through my dress and then I realized that was tantamount to stuffing my bra. I'm 29 and still stuffing my bra. ... Anyway, his brother is this bombastic salesman-type who laughs too loud and wears polo shirts and couldn't stop fiddling with the new camera phone he got that day. I sort of wanted to shove the phone down his big, loud throat but didn't want to make a bad impression. His wife is gorgeous. Oddly, after two children, she is comepletely flat-chested, but gorgeous nonetheless. Even more oddly, the guy whose party it was had it catered......for eight people. There were eight of us and the party was catered. Should I say it again for emphasis? No? You get what I'm saying? I mean, the host was perfectly friendly but I kept thinking, "Jesus Christ, dude, just because you're rich doesn't mean you have to be so fucking LAZY." After the party I went to the see the new boy's band play at a local club (we have to come up with a nickname for him, eh?) and was introduced around. He asked me how I wanted to be introduced and I said "friend" was fine. It was really fun, mostly because I was in that super awesome dress and sparkly shoes and because the band turned out (THANK THE GOOD LORD I DON'T BELIEVE IN) to be really really really good. I leave on Thursday to go sailing over the 4th on the Chesapeake. Yee haw, baby, that's HAWT.