Monday, July 25, 2005

The Children Survived

The weekend was lovely, but man is it ever difficult to sleep in a different bed from your boyfriend who is IN THE SAME HOUSE. It drove me nuts and caused me to surrupticiously paw him all weekend long. There was a lot of this: *sitting around doing nothing* *smooch* *smooch smooch* *SMOOCH SMOOCH* *faces mashed together rather appallingly* (squeaky voices) "UNCLE NEW GUY, UNCLE NEW GUY! LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!" *hands in pockets, puffy lips, children crashing into our knees carrying something totally uninteresting* But other than his mother calling Ted Kennedy an ass and his stepdad bitching about Harvard liberalism before he found out that I'm getting my degree there, it was great. Actually, even those parts were kind of great. It was all very entertaining. I met a lot of new people whose names I cannot now recall. I replenished the tan, spent many hours on the boat and I'm pretty sure I pooped without getting caught. Sweet!! I think my favorite part of the whole thing was watching the New Guy and his brother earnestly casting over and over with Spongebob Squarepants fishing rods that belonged to the girls who, by the way, survived my visit unscathed. The rods were about the length of two chopsticks and if they had actually caught anything would have immediately snapped in two. This honestly entertained all of us for a good hour. Sorry I don't really have any pictures I can show you.....oh, wait, yes I do. Here is a picture of my boyfriend's ass. Pretty cute, eh? He's wearing boxers with hearts on them and he would look at me with a VERY MEAN FACE if he knew I posted this.