Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Let's just quit kidding ourselves, eh?

So. The new kick-ass, take-no-prisoners promise from Mr. Bush Jr.: he will fire anyone in his administration who has "committed a crime" in connection with the Valerie Plame case. Uh huh. For all you folks who are getting excited that Karl Rove might be fired over this, here's what he has to say to you: Rove ain't goin' nowhere. They'll figure out a way that even if, yes, he acted like an amoral turd with no soul, he didn't actually commit a crime. Just give it a few days. They'll work it out. Actually, Karl will work it out since he is the one who does all the thinking for the administration in the first place. But, since I don't want to leave you depressed and dejected after all that wasted hope that Karl might actually get canned, I'll leave you with this instead. Rock, paper, tiger claw!! ****************** *From "Overheard In the Office:" Co-worker #1: So they made me change my password. The old one was really cool. "Sloth," you know, like the animal. Co-worker #2: There's no such animal as a sloth. I think sloth is supposed to be like a sin or something. 1697 BroadwayNew York, NY