Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Nervous Day

New Guy's mom is having heart surgery..........right this second. We were talking about it last night and it just ain't cool, man. I mean, heart surgery, no matter what kind, is a big deal and it's scary. He and I both find the wellspring of our emotional well-being in our mothers, partly because both of our fathers are dead. I mean, if my mom were having heart surgery right now, I would be so flipped out. I can't even contemplate life without her in it. I can't even get near that thought. And he is right inside that thought all day today. Last night he said, "It's tough when you're down to one parent." I said, "Tell me about it." There is no reason to think she will not come through the surgery without a problem. But I keep thinking, "I really hope I have the chance to get to know her better..." I can't help it.