Friday, August 26, 2005


My friend Steve took this picture of me about 20 minutes ago while we were in Harvard Square listening to an Asian choir in pink shirts singing about Jesus. Yay Jesus!! Just kidding. No matter what they tell you, Jesus is not your friend. He hates you and he thinks your hair could use a trim and he wishes you would stop dropping crumbs between the couch cushions. He fuckin' loves my sunglasses, though. NO, JESUS, YOU CANNOT HAVE MY SUNGLASSES SO STOP ASKING. This is promising to be a good weekend - I'm going to see John Hiatt in concert tomorrow night and since he is my most favoritest musician of all time, I am a buzzing, twitching, hopping-up-and-down sloth!! I'm so excited I can't stand it!! If sloths wore pants, I would be peeing my sloth-pants!! John Hiatt, like the Asian choir people, loves Jesus. But that's cool, I can dig it. I mean, look at him. Even Jesus likes John Hiatt - shit, he's only the coolest motherfucker on the earthly plane!! Suh!! Have a great weekend everyone, I'll try to come back with pics.