Friday, September 02, 2005


I keep reading everywhere all this animosity toward people who stayed in New Orleans instead of evacuating. Most of the people who stayed had no means of leaving. That doesn't mean they deserve to die. Thousands of people went to the SuperDome because THE AUTHORITIES TOLD THEM TO. Now they are dying because the helicopters flying overhead aren't dropping water or rations. Bodies are lying there for days. Babies are dying of dehydration. The authorities who told them to go there are trying to get them out, but in the meantime they're dropping like flies. Yes, there is crime happening. There is and will always be a criminal element in every city, especially one that is rife with so much poverty. When the opportunity arises, they take it. THEY ARE A MINORITY OF THE POPULATION THAT IS STUCK THERE. New Orleans has become Hell. I wish everyone WHO HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE GOING THROUGH would stop blaming the people who can't get out and start blaming the people who had the means to prepare an efficient defense against this catastrophe. (Thanks, Dan, for the link.) What the fuck happened to compassion? Why is it so lacking in our culture? In our hearts? Which one of you can possibly look at a woman with a dying baby on each hip and BLAME HER FOR BEING THERE? When the fuck did our souls turn to shit?