Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Our President's Crazy....

.....did you hear what he said...... Band I most regret being unable to see live in my lifetime: The Talking Heads. Green tomatoes, Farmer's Market, Labor Day, '05 Shorts: 1. And this is number one because I have just now discovered it: fruit punch and spaghetti go together much like, oh, I don't know.....cacti and tampons? THEY SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THE SAME ROOM. 2. My to-do pile shrinks while my did-done-it-already pile grows.... 3. In two and a half weeks I will experience the most gratifying day of the year in regard to my job. It is the day I return from vacation and my co-workers collapse all over each other and exclaim from the floor with melodramatic sincerity, "Thank GOD you're back!! We HATE doing your job!! This was the worst two weeks EVER!!" 4. I'm sure you all know already that Britney's fetus has a blog. But in case you were not aware, here it is. Thanks to Coco for the link. 5. The far right nutters have lost their latest ballot initiative in our fair state. Again. Will they never learn? Poor, poor homophobes. How busy all that hate must make them. Anyway, it's Wednesday! Halfway there!!!