Thursday, September 15, 2005

Show Me Your Bloomers

This is a night-blooming cereus. It's a cactus that spends most of its time looking like a dead shrub and then blooms once a year. At night. Sometimes evolution is really confusing. The flowers are huge and very pungent. I guess they have to be since they only see any action one night a year. I don't know what pollinates them, but I'm guessing moths. I was lucky enough to visit my parents on the night that their cereus bloomed. It had four enormous flowers on one plant which is a lot. Just thought I'd share. It's raining here and the sky is slate-colored. I think Ophelia and I are going to pass each other as I head south. I'll wave at her when I go by. "Have fun in Nantucket, bitch!" Also, Michelle Collins has disabled her comments section. I can only imagine that the unfunny twattage had reached unacceptable levels. Grrrrrrrr........