Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Boobleaguered Sloth

I did not wear the green dress because of these: I put the green dress on, registered the fabulousness of it in the mirror, walked into the living room to model it for my roommate and got this: "Um, sweetie..........not wedding appropriate." Fine!!! Whatever the fuck!!! Today I am wearing these shoes and for that reason alone I am feeling pretty good. Do you see why shoes are muy important?? Do you SEE?? It is gray and gross and cold out, but my feet are making everyone's day better because they are so delightful. From "Overheard in the Office:"

HR Manager: Hey guys, I'm starting a new club in the office. Do you want to join?

Employee: Um sure, what kind of club is it?

HR Manager: It's a club for people with Wham!'s song "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" stuck in their heads. Congratulations, you are all now members!

85 E Street South Portland, Maine

Overheard by: Brian Brinegar

Only in my home state...