Saturday, November 12, 2005

Quickie Update

Exams are over and I kicked so much ass that there is no ass left in the whole city. My apologies to the residents. Also spent five hours of quality gettin' drunk time with Dan Tobin who, as it turns out, is a total dick. With a mohawk. And no, we didn't talk about you, but we might next time. Dan, have your people call my people. And tie your gloves together with a string through the sleeves already, sheesh. Ok, people, this is a call to action. All I need is FOUR MORE PEOPLE to click on the link and do the thing with the thing over there in the sidebar and I WILL GET AN IPOD. And then all you will need is five people to click on YOUR link and YOU WILL GET AN IPOD TOO. Come on, guys, it's almost my birthday. Just four more of you. I'll send you something nice. I'll be your BFF!! And.....curtain.